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This appointment contains interview about your wellbeing, thorough examination and osteopathic treatment. You will also get advice for home-care if needed and a plan for continuing visits.


Osteopathic treatment, adult 75 min

Is recommended for a first visit or continuing visits when client has multiple problems 


Osteopathic treatment, adult 60min 

Continuing visits


Osteopathic treatment for (adult) students, retired and senior citizens 


Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

On this appointment we concentrate on mother's wellbeing. The appointment contains thorough interview about mother's wellbeing, osteopathic examination, osteopathic treatment and customer charge. You will also get advice for Your home-care if needed and a plan for continuing visits.


Osteopathy during and after pregnancy 75 min

This visit is recommended for a first visit.


Osteopathy during and after pregnancy 60 min 


Baby Shower -osteopathy for the mother and the baby 

For the mother: The appointment for an osteopathic treatment during or after pregnancy is focusing on mother's wellbeing. This visit contains an interview about pregnancy and labour, osteopathic examination and treatment. Mother will also get advice for her own wellbeing and home-care and a plan of continuing visits if needed. Mother can use her visits during pregnancy and/or after the labour. The visits should be used within 12 months.

For the baby: The visit for baby contains a thorough interview on Your baby's wellbeing, clinical examination of a paediatric nurse, osteopathic examination and treatment, support for Your early interaction, planning of continuing visits and advice for home-care. 

Please reserve the visits separately for the mother and the baby🌸.


Baby Shower 75 + 75 min 💕💗

This package contains 1 x 75 min osteopathic treatment for the mother and 1 x 75 min osteopathic care for the baby. 


Baby Shower 75+75+60 min💕💕💗

This package contains osteopathic care both for the mother and for the baby. One can use these visits for example: 75 min for mama during pregnancy and 60 min for mama after the labour. And 75 min for the baby's wellbeing. 



First visit for babies is always 75 min long. Continuing visits for babies are 50-60 min long and contain a thorough interview on Your child's wellbeing, osteopathic examination and treatment of the child and also a clinical examination of paediatric nurse. 

You and Your family will also get support and advice for Your child's wellbeing at home, including lots of tips and a plan for continuing visits (if needed). 


Paediatric osteopathy and consultation of paediatric nurse 75 min

First visit for babies under one year of age. 


Paediatric osteopathy and consultation of paediatric nurse 50-60 min

Continuing visit for babies. First and continuing visit for children over 1 year of age. 



This service includes osteopathic treatment service for children and mothers during and after pregnancy. Both first and continuing visits are awailable. 

The distance is measured from VIRITTÄMÖ studio (Riistatie 3, 96100 Rovaniemi).

At home You will get all the same services as on the appointment at VIRITTÄMÖ studio.  

In order to make an appointment for a  home visit:  please contact Tuuli by email, SMS or WharsApp: / tel. 040 1405 123. 


First home visit in Rovaniemi down town area (o-6 km) 75 min 


Continuing home visit in Rovaniemi down town area (0-6 km) 50-60 min

Continuing home visit for osteopathy during and after pregnancy is always 60 min long.. 


6-10 km from Rovaniemi down town area


11-15 km from Rovaniemi down town area


Options for payment:  

By bank card or credit card  

By a safe payment link (Zettle), payed during visit at the studio

By ePassi. 

-Please remember that ePassi is for personal use only. 

-Please check from yous ePassi app, that Your employer has accepted osteopathy as wellbeing service. Thank You. Unfortynately You can NOT use Edenred, Smartum or Tyky-seteli as a payment option.

It is not possible to pay cash for security reasons. Thank You for understanding💕

Your Health is within You.