FAQ -Frequently asked questions


Can I pay via ePassi?

🍀You can pay via ePassi App, if Your employer has approved osteopathic treatment as employment benefit. Check from your ePassi App if this is the case.

Can I pay via tykysetili, smartum, virikepassi or eazybreak?

🍀Unfortunately these payment methods do not include osteopathic treatment in wellness services. Therefore it is not possible to pay via those payment methods. 


Do I need a doctor's referral for osteopathic treatment?

🍀You do not need any referral to come to osteopathic treatment. BUT if You have an insurance for Your child, sometimes insurances (espesially for children) cover costs for osteopathic treatment. In that case You usually need a doctor's referral. ❗️Check this beforehand from your insurance company. 


What should I wear during osteopathic treatment?

🍀You can wear any clothes that you feel comfortable in. However sometimes the osteopath needs to see you in your underwear to be able to see your posture, skin texture etc. If you are cold easily, one good option is to wear skintight leggings and t-shirt with log sleeves in order to feel comfortable ( and warm) during the treatment.


Osteopathic treatment during and after pregnancy -what to expect?

🤰🏼There are multiple symptoms that occur during pregnancy. For example low back pain and hip pain, discomfort in pubic symphysis, pain in sacro-iliac joint, reflux, and general fatigue are symptoms that osteopathic treatment can ease. Growing fetus and body's accommodation to the weight carried anteriorly can affect movement functionality of mother-to-be. This accomodation can also cause restrictions of mobility. These restrictions can often be relieved with gentle osteopathic treatment.

🌸At the first appointment we will discuss with you about your health and physical condition now and in your past. We will also discuss about your well being and coping during this pregnancy.

🌺 After our chat I will do the osteopathic examination focusing on mobility of your body. The osteopathic treatment is determined according this examination. During the treatment I will tell you which techniques I am using and you are encouraged to let me know how you feel. In some techniques you are also involved as an active partner.

🌸Osteopathic treatment involves gentle mobilization of the bony and soft tissue such as muscles and ligaments. That is to ensure that they are pliable and allow the bony structures to move freely. Osteopathic treatment often involves massage and stretches as well as other gentle techniques used on specific areas to help improve movement.

🌺Osteopathic treatment during pregnancy is gentle and yet effective. You are at all times heard and in charge. Osteopathy has a holistic approach and is targeted to support your health from many different organ systems and aspects. The treatment is mostly done by side lying or sitting position.


What should I take with me, when my child is coming for an osteopathic tratment?

🍀When coming with your baby, it is always good to take along those things that you usually have when you leave home: nappies, towel, pacifier etc. If you are not breastfeeding, it is a good idea to take along suitable nutrition for your baby, in case the baby get's hungry.

🍀It would be a good idea to take some toys with you, when you are coming to osteopathic treatment. With familiar toys the child feels her-/himself more secure and can relax easier. You can also take your own children's book with you and it is possible that the parent can read the book with the child during the treatment. 

Is it okay if my child is using mobile phone or Pad during the treatment?

🍀Osteopathy is a holistic way to observe and treat the body and mind. Digital equipments stimulate the nervous system and usually make relaxing more difficult. That is why it is not so recommended to use any digital equipments during osteopathic treatment. 

I have made an appointment for my child/ adolescent. Should I be present during the treatment?

🍀It is always best to have a parent or a trusted adult around while under aged child is being treated osteopathically. The parent does not have to be involved in the treatment if the child does not her/him to be. The parent or trusted adult is needed to be present to create a safe and familiar atmosphere for the child/ adolescent.

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