Terms and conditions

You can reschedule or cancel Your appointment untill 12 hours before your appointment. If you need to reschedule or cancel later than 12 hours before, please contact Tuuli by: 

📱+358 (0)40 1405 123 message in WhatsApp/ SMS  

 📬 tuuli@virittamo.com 

 If You are having any symptoms of flu, please do not come to your appointment!  Do not come even when Your COVID-19 test is negative or You have already had covid.  Thank You <3 .

As an osteopath and nurse VIRITTÄMÖ's Tuuli is a registered healthcare professional. Therefore there is an obligation by law to gather Your personal and patient data ( The law: 298/2009 FINLEX Sosiaali- ja Terveysministeriön asetus potilasasiakirjoista). All Your data is confidential.

By making appointment in VIRITTÄMÖ, you agree to all of this.

If You want to know more, please contact Tuuli🌸.

Your Health is within You.