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Tuuli Viri (entrepreneur)

Company ID 2352238-9 

Address: Riistatie 3 A 6, 96100 Rovaniemi

Open from Monday to Friday. 

Please make an appointment first⬇️

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At arrival, press number 6 at the front door, please.

message: + 358 (0) 40 1405 123 / WhatsApp or SMS

LinkedIn: Tuuli Viri 

✨VIRITTÄMÖ studio location is: Riistatie 3 A 6 (Riistavalkea), 96100 Rovaniemi.

🚶🏻VIRITTÄMÖ studio is located at down town area at the Rovaniemi city. It is easily reachable also by foot. The building is a blockhouse on the other side of Lapinkävijäntie, beside Revontuli and Korundi.

❗️There is room only for one client at the time in the studio. ⏰ Please do not arrive way too early at the studio (max. 5 min). 

-> I need time to tidy up the studio for you. Thank You💕. 

🛎Press number 6 at the front door and I will let You in 😊.

🅿️ If You come by car, there are free parking places (2-3 hours with parking disc) in Revontuli Mall's parking house or at the parking field between Korundi and Revontuli. 

Your Health is within You.