What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is health-oriented branch of health care. It focuses on adapting anatomical structures of the body to enhance body's self-regulation force. 

In osteopathy a human is seen as a unit of body, mind and spirit/soul. 

Structures and function in this unit interact with one another. That is when bones, muscles, ligaments, connective tissues and nervous system function smoothly together.

💚By osteopathic treatment the body is helped to heal itself:

🌱the mobility of joints is increased
🌱tension of the muscles is relieved
🌱pain is reduced 
🌱 lymph and blood supply to the tissues is enhanced

In Finland an osteopath is a registered health care professional. To  graduate as a Bachelor of Osteopathy one has to study 4 years (full-time) in Metropolia University of Applied Science in Helsinki.  

A. T. Still, doctor and father of osteopathy

Manual osteopathic treatment is aimed on detecting, treating and preventing health problems in Your body.

Osteopathy was developed by doctor Andrew Taylor Still in the early 20th century. At that time Dr. Still felt the need to treat patients more effectively than the most of medical doctors did those days. Dr. Still researched thoroughly human anatomy, physiology, biomechanim of the structures and chemistry of cells. After many years of studying these, he came to a conclusion that human body is able to self-regulate, self heal and maintain health. 

What happens at the osteopaths visit in VIRITTÄMÖ?

💚At the beginning of our session we talk about your symptoms, your general health, your history of illnesses and any other medical care that you are receiving. This is done to evaluate what kind of testing and treatment is needed. and also to evaluate if  there is any  reason  to go to see the doctor before osteopathic treatment. 

As on osteopath I am trained to identify if there is a need to refer You to a doctor or some other health care professional.

💚After our conversation I am carrying out a physical examination. During examination I will also use my hands to palpate the tissues of your body. I do this in order to find areas of tenderness, restriction or strain in muscles, other soft tissues and bony structures within your body. During examination and treatment I might also ask you to perform simple movements.  You are asked to tell me right away If you feel any discomfort during testing or treatment. 

💚In osteopathic manual treatment I treat your body by mixture of gentle and effective techniques. Osteopathic treatment aims always to restore the normal function of your body to help the body heal itself.

💚All the techniques I use, are chosen according to your symptoms that you have reported me in our previous conversation. 

The osteopathic techniques I use in my treatment are all aimed to reduce your pain, improve the movement of your tissues and encourage your blood and lymphatic flow. 

💚After examination and treatment I will tell you about my findings, the treatment I have made and plan for your future treatment programme. I will also explain you whether you're likely to have any reactions after the treatment. If needed I will give You advice for some exercise to aid your recovery.



Your Health is within You.