Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathic treatment for infants, children and adolescents

Childhood is a stage of constant development and the body is easily affected by internal and external influences.

During the first years of life, there are many anatomical, physiological and psychological changes that occur rapidly within growth.

Children have a huge capacity to accomodate to the circumstances. Never the less sometimes problems occur and a visit to an osteopath is needed. Osteopath is a healthcare professional, who can help your child's growing body to accomodate even better.

I offer osteopathic care also for children of all ages; from newborns to teenagers. 

The techniques used in paediatric osteopathic treatment are always gentle and safe and done with the co-operation of the child and parent.

Paediatric visit in VIRITTÄMÖ contains interview about the baby's / child's wellbeing, clinical examination of a paediatric nurse, osteopathic examination and treatment, planning of continuing visits and advice for home-care. In every visit the parent is also supported in (early) interaction. 

I make house calls in paediatric osteopathy❣️

If You want me to come to your home to treat your child or your newborn, please contact me.

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Osteopathic treatment for children is always gentle, safe and effective. 

The treatment is always done in agreement with the child and parent💕

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