Osteopathy during and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural part of of many women's lives. But at some point of pregnancy  there can be symptoms of discomfort. 

Symptoms that can appear during pregnancy are such as low back pain and hip pain, discomfort in pubic symphysis, pain in sacro-iliac joint, reflux and general fatigue. 

Growing fetus and body's accommodation to the weight carried anteriorly (in front of the body) can affect functionality of movement. This accomodation can cause restrictions of mobility for a mother-to-be. These restrictions can often be relieved with gentle osteopathic treatment. 

Osteopathic treatment during and after pregnancy is safe and effective.


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Postpartum osteopathic treatment

 Osteopathic treatment after labour attends to the needs of a mother having recently given the birth. 

Especially the pelvic and spine area accommodate heavily during pregnancy. 

Also after a long or very rapid labour there can still be symptoms such as pain or discomfort for example in low back and pelvic girdle area. That is why these areas are usually in need of a special attention after pregnancy.

As Your osteopath, it is important that I know all about Your pregnancy, labour and time after the baby was born. This gives me the possibility to give You best possible care. My osteopathic treatment after pregnancy is always gentle, safe and effective 💕

Here is an interesting paper on osteopathic treatment during and after pregnancy ⬇️:

Osteopathic manipulative treatment for low back and pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy: A systematic review and meta-analysis 2017.

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